The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, April 6, 2009

Country Tales

Ahh -- Spring is here and the kids are finally able to run free. We only own a little less than two acres. However, the new neighborhood planned to go in next to us, is moving MIGHTY slow (thank goodness!) and just down the path next to our house is a creek!. So, we really feel countrified. When the kids are not in the creek catching crawdads and frogs they do things like this for fun...
Ricky loves to roll the yard. He is good at it too! This day he did the entire yard by himself. In the summer Braydon and Ricky are huge helpers to Jerome in keeping it all mowed.

You might not be able to tell what they are doing in this picture, but they are pushing a wagon to the small hill in the middle of the field. For grins and giggles they push it to the top - jump in and ride down. Sounds crazy and a tad bit dangerous -- Braydon once told me how he "flipped out and landed on his face" -- but they think it is fun.

This is our new trailer. Jerome has been looking for a trailer forever. We do not have a pick up truck and it is hard to get mulch or take our lawn mower to the rental house. He looked at trailers the other day and really thought of spending $900. This one he "found" for $300 through a friend at work.
I put "found" in quotations because I believe this is a God story. Jerome's hours have been cut at work and things are getting tighter and tighter and yet what a deal we found on something we really needed. All I could think about when this came to pass was our story of the piano.
We had a really old upright piano that couldn't even hold a tune anymore. Riane, Braydon and Ricky all take piano lessons and so we knew we needed a new piano. The cost of a new piano was more than we could consider and we thought of used ones. We kept telling the kids they would have to make do, because it looked to be awhile before we could get one.
We even thought of buying a keyboard. It would be cheaper. However, there is just something about having the kids playing a "real" piano. One day I happened into a friend at McDonald's. Both of her husband's parents had recently died and they were cleaning out the house. She turned to me and off-handedly said "Do you know anybody that needs a piano?" DO I? "YES!" She said "You move it, you can have it." I found movers for $200 and that was the cost of our new piano.
We had it tuned and was told it was in great shape. The great thing about our piano story is R__ was a great woman of God and played the piano in church for years and years. Her son is our friend and often comes up to Riane and asks about R__ piano. He gets misty-eyed every time he sees Riane play in the praise team. He tells me how important it is to him that his Mom's piano is still used well. Before R___ died she would raise her hands and flex her fingers in the air saying "I gotta keep them nimble to play." I am sure she is playing for Jesus right now.
That $200 piano blessed their family and ours too.
All that to say, God meets us in our need. This time the story wasn't quite so moving, but I sure don't want to miss that indeed that trailer was not "found" but provided.

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