The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Busy Week

I hate saying that all time. "How are you doing?"

"Busy." It is my standard answer and here's another week run down. I haven't taken any pictures -- you know because I am B***.

Tuesday I started hosting a seminar at my house. Basic is a course given by Bill Gothard. It used to be called Basic Youth Conflicts. It is awesome, this is my 3rd time through since 2003. We home school with curriculum from ATI which is under the same organization called Institute in Basic Life Principles. There are some programs that I would like the kids to get involved in, and the Basic seminar is a pre-requisite for entering. It is recommend for kids 13 and over (or adults, of course). There was no seminar being offered anywhere near my home, so I had to host it. I don't really have many people attending, and I know them all from my church, so it is really not so bad. We will do this every Tuesday night until the middle of May. During the seminar time, I let the four younger kids watch a movie in my bedroom and then they can come downstairs and eat snacks and draw quietly while we finish up.

Wednesday is church night -- the kids love the kids program. We usually leave early and spend an hour or so at the library in that town before church. Wednesday night has now become known as "Discipline Night" for me. Someone always has to do something crazy during the day and my discipline is to say "no Wednesday night church." One week Wokelle wet his pants right before church, so I spent the time taking him home to clean up. This week Adela and Ricky refused to work during school time and used church time to finish up -- every week it is something.

Thursday was our last visit with the Social Worker for Mary and Wokelle. She is filing our annual report. I was so happy that this is our last worker report. We must file annual reports until the kids are 18, but we can prepare them ourselves. I got in a grocery shopping trip and the evening was Wokelle's story time at our little local library.

That brings us to Friday. Our quiz team at church as a zone quiz on Saturday so we had a review part tonight. I was in charge of food. Also, my niece Joanne is spending the weekend with us. Having two four year olds is actually a lot of fun.

Tomorrow morning we have the zone quiz and then we shall see if next week's schedule will promise to slow down at all.

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