The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Facebook and Nostaglia

I opened a facbook account a few months ago, but I just let it sit there. I couldn't figure out who to add as "friends" and what to even post on there. Just this past week or so, I was contacted via facebook regarding my 25th high school reunion. Then I began adding the names to my "friends" list. It feels sort of strange. These people aren't really my "friends". In high school we knew each other's names, but I wasn't exactly Miss Cool. I was in band, swimming and the Spanish club. I didn't date. That was not necessarily by choice! I didn't go to school dances -- what by myself! Don't worry I had fun in high school. I had my own group of friends and activities and even a pretty cool looking car. If you were my passenger you had to hold the door in tight when I turned a corner -- it could fly open. I didn't say it was a good car -- it just looked nice!

Facebook feels sort of strange -- like "faux" friends. I am homeschooling 6 kids maybe "faux" is as much time as I have right now. I did find my brother. Not that he was lost - I just found him in my new "faux" neighborhood over at Facebook. If you want to come over and be my friend - look me up.

All the talk of 25th high school reunion made me nostalgic. I decided to post a little timeline:

25 years ago:

22 years ago:

14 years ago:

12 years ago:
7 years ago:

1 year ago:



Valerie said...

What a great photo display of our life. Thanks for sharing. I too opened a facebook account a month ago and am still in the don't know what to do with it stage funny!

Nancy said...

This was a great post! I love the pics of your family. BTW, I hang out over at FB, too. Just a little lightheartedness in my day, I guess. Glad to meet you on THL!