The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Winds and Valentine's

The last couple of days have battered us with amazing winds. The new roof we had put on a few months ago -- thanks to another big wind -- had to be repaired today. Insurance company paid for the first one; this repair was under warranty. Consequently, all the snow is gone. We have had a day or so of spring like weather and were back to flakes today. Outside has been an experience!

Valentine's day is a day we don't celebrate much in our family. Once or twice when Jerome and I were just getting to know each other, we attempted a traditional Valentine's celebration and it always ended badly. We have just decided to let it go. However, I do try to do something small for the kids. This year I made them a heart shaped cake.

I have this week off from teaching school which is a nice change of pace of me. I try to catch up on work I feel I need to do, get a little more sleep and do something fun with the kids. Today our trip was to the local library for a make a birdfeeder project.

My work has been to attempt to do some writing. I signed up with a book company that will send me a free book if I will just read it and review it. I finally finished the review today. Check it out here. A homeschool magazine has expressed an interest in an idea I pitched to them. So, now I need to write it! I started on that today. Basically, my eyes are burned out from staring at the computer!

Being in uncertain times has given us more time with Jerome. Since he works for the auto industry we are thankful he is STILL working for the auto industry. At this point, he has lost all of his overtime, which means that he is home every weekend. A blow to the bank, but a blessing to the family. Last night all of us curled up on the king size bed to watch a movie. I was wondering of they make beds bigger than king size -- eight people is getting snug! It was a fun night albeit a little late. Times like these are ones I am sure the kids will remember the most.

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