The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Misc. Comments and Pictures

Updating my blog used to be one of my favorite things to do. Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed and haven't been able to think enough to compose a sentence. Part of that Christmas Cheer I suppose. I finally did get all the decorations up that I intend to put up. We will have only one tree this year. Mary and Wokelle were so excited to help with all the decorations for the first time and Adela and Ricky were crazy with memories. It was wonderful and a bit sad for me. I loved that the "middle" kids are so excited, however, my Riane, who used to be the one most lit up for decorating was MIA this time. She has grown up and has lost interest in some things. Can't wait to get them to get out of diapers, and then I want to hold on for dear life as they actually do grow up.

Our family tradition is for me to pick out a special ornament for each child -- they open their ornaments on Christmas Eve. They are carefully marked and dated and when they have their own homes they can take their collection of ornaments with them. We relive all the memories of past years as we look at their ornaments. Mary and Wokelle helped hang up the ornaments that belong to Jerome and I and they oohed and aaahed over everyone else's. They are really excited to receive their first ornament this year.

We also give the kids all their Christmas money upfront and take a family shopping trip together. They purchase what they want for Christmas and we have a nice dinner together. Last year was our first year for this and the kids absolutely loved it. It was hard for Mary this year, too many choices and no clear understanding of money. I helped her as much as I could, but I think she may still feel a bit of buyer's remorse. I think every year that it is going to spoil the excitement of Christmas, but you can hear the kids chattering about how excited they are to get their gifts. I still fill their stockings with little surprises.

In the middle of our big trip a very close friend of mine called saying that two of her children were in a car accident and one was being care flighted. We were close to the hospital and rushed over. Everyone ended up being fine -- but it put a slight kink in the shopping day.

The stores Riane was waiting to go to were closed. So, Riane and I are going back to the city on Monday to finish. I am looking forward to a day out with Riane.

Getting ready for Christmas cards, which I hope to get out soon, I took a picture of the kids. It took forever to get the 6 of them to all look decent at the same time. I should have paid more attention to my background!

Braydon is a laugh a minute. He can read for hours on end or run at full tilt -- no middle ground really. In his free time he does things like make himself look like a midget:
Pretty convincing!

OR Take pictures of his eyeball....

This is what happens in school:

He made a strand of crystals for science -- now that was cool.
Just to update on the "Education of Mary" -- she seems to have caught the idea and is working much harder with me. The difficulty of Christmas shopping actually helped some. She was taught to count by 2's and 5's and 10's, but didn't really pay attention. The reality of money was a wake up. We keep telling her that school and life are really one and the same. She seems to try to compartmentalize parts of her life. If I check off school I am done. She is getting the idea and trying to read even outside "normal" school hours. She has really made a turn in this area.
Part of the grown up Christmas this year was to buy a wireless router. WHOO HOO I can access the internet from my laptop. No more running to the basement just to check e-mail. However, at times I wonder how much multi-tasking one Mom can do. I had to check with my security program about getting my laptop up-to-date so I was on chat with "Rajan". I was trying to cook our main meal, and Braydon was asking me about setting up a problem for the percentage of travel time between Mercury and Venus, and the girls were drifting through the room. So I would be talking to Braydon and saying "Wait a minute, I have to answer Rajan. Riane, I think Rajan is blue, if he pops up tell me."
Is this much technology going to help my life or confuse it some more?

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