The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is coming!

What a year for Christmas this has been! No blog updates, because I can hardly get the tribe fed and the work done. Yesterday I cooked all day to prepare for today. The annual cheesecake delivery team has just left the house giving me a moment to breathe.
Every year I make cheesecakes for friends and the team delivers them. This year -- I could only get out six. One driven to Jerome's work last night -- a night with ice coming out of the sky. We almost ended up in the ditch cheesecake and all - but mighty prayers saw us through.

We made our trek for the Santa picture. One of my favorite things is to line the buffet with the annual pictures. We have them starting with Riane alone up to this one:

Last year I was wondering if we would ever have six kids to put in the picture and here they are! Mary said "I am not sitting on that man's lap." Well, I want a good picture. Alas, there was no need. Wokelle was happy to sit up there and he really liked his coloring book. In the mall, there is always an elderly man that runs a little train ride for a dollar. The kids think it is a great treat. Wokelle came out of the mall saying "A new book AND a train ride!" Yes, it was good day.

We had the church Christmas play. The theme was S.O.C. C. E.R. Saving our Christmas Carols Emergency Rescue - hence the soccer jerseys. All of our pictures turned out fuzzy so I will only post one. You can see Braydon, Ricky and Mary in this shot.

Riane had a part too - she was behind the piano most of the time. Wokelle came up with the pre-schoolers in the beginning as a shepherd. Adela was a mighty encourager from the pew (public performances have never been her thang!). Braydon had an actual part, Ricky and Mary both had scripture verses. Despite Mary's schooling issues, she memorized her part and said it perfectly - choked me up, but moved a friend of mine to tears. When we see God's hand working in the lives of children it's truly awesome.
We've also had some challenges this season. Grandma made it in -- even through the snow in Las Vegas. However, she was held up in Charlotte and it was late night.
The furnace in our house blitzed out one windy evening this week. We had one cold, shakin' night of attempted sleep and woke to a house in the 40's. Jerome worked like crazy to fix it before he left for work. The 30 minutes before he left the house fell apart. The heat was working, I was trying to take a shower -- and Braydon was blow drying a pipe to keep it from freezing -- Wokelle wet his pants, the dog wet the floor and the water turned off -- I still had conditioner in my hair! Jerome fixed the water and I told him to take off for work where life would surely be easier. What a day!
We are all on track now and ready for a great dinner with the fam tonight.
Oh... and the Christmas card thing .. they are coming .. I hope.


Shelby and Lori said...

The cards came today and the kids were thrilled to see Mary and Wokelle. Happy Holidays!

Valerie said...

I got your card upon return from vacation. Beautiful story! Thanks for sending it!