The Googegs - Strangers in the World

The Googegs - Strangers in the World

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures from My Life

Life just seems to move so fast and I haven't even had a chance to blog. I had a cook and freeze night that a lady from our church organized. You do some prep work and all show up to work stations and at the end of the evening you have main dishes to put in your freezer. 30 minutes or so of heating up and dinner is on the table. It was a fun night. Due to our family's food allergies and such (I blogged about before THE GREAT DELETE), we could not eat any of the meals. I wanted to go to the night though and I decided that 8 freezer meals would be a great gift for an expectant Mama -- so I went and gifted my meals.

This week another friend has asked me to help with her daughter's bridal shower. No, not to bring food -- something I would be totally comfortable with -- but to help with games. OOOOH - I am not really a shower person and GAMES? Well, after much searching she has come up with two simple games she wants included and I came up with a White Bible Ceremony that I would like to include.
On with some pictures from my life of late.

Labels are my life:

Discovering that Ricky does not tolerate wheat or dairy has sent me on quite a journey. I have had to learn how to cook separately for him and keep my eagle eye open for offending products. Since, it would be prohibitively costly to have a family of 8 keep up with this it is only Ricky who follows it. Hence, the labels all over our house. One side benefit, is that it is encouraging Mary to work on her reading. She will often pick up a package and say it says everyone! No, Mary sound it out. Oh, let's see..... it says Wheat.

Today is my birthday, I am not shy about my age, I am 43. I asked Wokelle how old he thought I was turning and he confidently said 8! Okay, I can go with that. The kids did not really have any money of their own this year and it forced them into creativity. It was wonderful. Here is a sampling of my gifts:
Braydon and Wokelle spent one whole evening locking everyone out of the basement while they rehearsed two magic tricks for my birthday. I was still bleary eyed from the early awakening, so I didn't get any pictures, but the tricks were awesome.
Mary and Adela were so excited they got up at 5:30am to take showers and get ready for the day. Braydon and Riane set alarms to get up at 5:00am to be able to bake me a cake. It did turn out lovely:

Labels even sneak into birthdays. I baked the "NO Wheat" version the night before.

Jerome helped with one gift that is supposed to update Mom. I have had so many crappy can openers in my life that when the last one broke I refused to buy anymore. I have been using the totally manual one you see below ever since. You bang it into the can and work it around like a knife. It was working for me, but now I have been updated. No school to teach today and a trip to "Cracker Barrel" I am feeling particularly loved.

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